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Monday, December 03, 2007

kitty: calling all knitters, hats for soldiers

Knitting for others.... really does feel good.

item: Nina's Hat
pattern: Started out with several patterns, but after talking to friends who had gone through Chemo and Radiation came up with my own pattern based on there concerns
content: Hand dyed 100% Alpaca
price: $24
time: 2 nights casually knitting

Sometimes, knitting something for a friend, stranger, or loved one is all you can really do to help. Recently I found out that a dear friends Mom had tested positive for lesions on her brain. I knew there wasn't much that I could do to help Mia or her mother, but I knew that I could send off a hat to keep her head warm right away.

I know that we are all busy with the holidays, but if you have some time to knit a hat for the Neurological ward at National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda please let Mia know. Her mom would love to be able to drop off some hats while she is going through Radiation and Chemo to soldiers who are going through a lot during the holidays. A lot of them are alone and without there families.

Mia and I got to talking though about the wounded solders at Walter Reed or Bethesda Medical Hospital that were in the ward with her mom when she had surgery. The soldiers that have neurological problems usually end up having there heads shaved so having a small item placed in there hands can make a lot of difference. Just knowing that someone cares and they are not alone.

So if you want to help, please contact mia

Update: Sneak Peak of other Secrete Holiday Knitting!

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