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Friday, January 11, 2008

kitty: knit life in Columbus, Oh update

Update Knitting life in Columbus:

Just a little update since I happened by the site the other day. Knitters Connection is starting class registration on the 15th of January for this summers convention here in Columbus.

Now if I only knew what I was going to be doing in 6 months from now I could think about registering. hmmmm

(from there site) Important Dates:
Classes are on Wednesday, 11 June through Saturday, 14 June 2008

Knitters Market will be open on Thursday, 12 June for students only and all day on Friday, 13 June and Saturday, 14 June.

When does registration open?
Knitters Connection members may register starting on 15 January at 9 am ET and non Members can register March 3.


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  1. Hi, i didn't know if your contest was still open, lurking around your site but could not see how to post on your contest page. I am a knitter and a new spinner. Addicted to both, self taught almost 2 years ago and keep learning new techniques. Love socks, cables and lace.