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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

kitty: you know your project is in trouble when...

  1. You actually calculated how many rows you have left and how many rows you need to do each night to finish by the beginning of April. (5 rows a night until April 4th)
  2. You contemplate the cost of a fine gauge knitting machine.
  3. You contemplate how much it would cost to pay someone else to finish knitting your shawl.
  4. You really wonder if you have the perseverance to finish the project or should you just rip the project after 22 inches.

When I first saw Setsuko Torii Anniversary book there were two projects that I knew I had to knit, the Kusha Shawl (Kit 73) and the Patchwork Shirt. I had lost my Kusha scarf last year when I was in China. So I knew that the shawl would be a wonderful replacement, but I also knew that I didn't really enjoy knitting the first scarf. I fear that boredom has only been magnified 10 folds with the shawl and it may be the death of this project.

So when things get really bad I do have two inspirations that are keeping me going, Isel Knits and Iomester / Paloma. I must admit that I copied the colours that Isel did in hers, since I thought it was so beautiful.


  1. It looks soft and pretty, but not terribly interesting to knit. You need an apprentice!

  2. Ah..just five "little" rows a day and you'll have it finished! So if you can stomach 6 rows a day think of how much faster you'll be done! It looks heavenly soft so far.

  3. I've encountered the same boredome while knitting a similar shawl out of Habu slub yarn and stainless steel. I'm on my second cone of the slub and third of the stainless steel. I know I'll love it when I'm done, but can't bring myself to work on it any more unless I'm bored with my other projects and just want a mindless knit. I admire your discipline to do a few rows per night...

  4. I hope you can find a way to use what you've done so far if you decide to abandon the shawl. Those colors are so beautiful. By the way, what do you do with the shoe forms in the background? I love that flame colored one.