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Monday, February 04, 2008

kitty: don't pinch me...

... Please don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up. I really want these dreams to continue.

This past week was a dream come true in so many ways. I feel like a different world of techniques and skills has just been opened to me. If I had my way I would be catching a flight to Fallen, Sweden to study Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting in a heart beat or maybe Haapsalu, Estonia to study Estonian Lace or Orenburg to study traditional Lace patterns. I too want to drive a car across the Baltic Ocean in my quest of knitted wonders of the world. A girl can dream can't she, but at least I had the next best thing.

(Orenburg Lace Border with the first short row corner)

Last weekend I had the great fortune to take a class with Galina Alexandrovna Khmeleva on the basics of Orenburg lace Tradition. The class consisted of 12 glorious hours of knitting Orenburg lace. Basic techniques, history, and stories of yarns of the women of Orenburg.

Then the I wonders continued on Wednesday and Thursday when I got to take 3 classes with Nancy Bush; Estonian Lace, Heels to Toe, and then thursday Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting/Two End Knitting. I can officially say that I am obsessed with Tvåändsstickning.

If you are wondering what the next book Nancy Bush is working on.... Estonian Lace due out hopefully this fall.

Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting/Two End Knitting Mitten
(Click for larger image)

A few fun links:

Anne-maj Ling's work
Twined Knitting By Theresa Vinson Stenersen
Twined Knitting - History Pt. 1- Knitting Kninja
Twined Knitting - History Pt. 2 - Knitting Kninja

Two Books in English - Twined Knitting by Brigatta Dandanell & Two-end Knitting by Anne-maj Ling

Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting/Two End Knitting Mitten
Check the lovely little braided Tvåändsstickning cast on. It is done with three threads and forms a little line against the twined edge.
Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting/Two End Knitting Mitten
My very first colourwork in all its glory. As you can tell the second pattern rows look a lot better.
Tvåändsstickning/Twined Knitting/Two End Knitting Mitten
I folded the glove inside out so you can see how beautiful the inside of the glove is as well. In Sweden they have found gloves inside out in tombs.


  1. What a fantastic set of workshops! Thank you for all the information, photos and links.

  2. I am so envious! You are one lucky knitter to be able to attend those workshops. Not fair!

  3. I know that you had fun since you called me and sent me SMS after each class. Now can I put in my mitten order? I would like a pair before we head off to Sweden. :D