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Thursday, February 14, 2008

kitty: first mitten done

Happy Valentine Day!!!!

And I am in love....

First Mitten Done

I may have just fallen head over heals in love with Tvåändsstickning / Twined Knitting / Two End Knitting now after the class. Something about locking your threads just seems magical to me. Though after doing lots of research in the last couple of days I found out that I am actually doing the Japanese form for Twined Knitting and not the Sweedish because of how I wrap my yarns.

Twined Knitting - Yahoo Group

Colour Photos from Anne-Maj Ling
Anne -Majs Stickning (amazing photos)

Piecework Jan/Feb
TVÅÄNDSSTICKNING: Sweden’s Two-End Knitting
The traditional knitting technique of tvåändsstickning has been producing dense, warm, sturdy, and beautiful fabric since at least the middle of the seventeenth century.
Nancy Bush

Two-end Knitting (Paperback) by Anne-maj Ling
Twined Knitting (Hardcover) by Birgitta Dandanell
TVÅÄNDSSTICKAT by Birgitta Dandanell, K Gustafsson.
TVÅÄNDSSTICKAT Vackert Slitstarkt Varmt by Birgitta Dandanell, Ulla Danielsson.
TVÅÄNDSSTICKNING Grunderna by Berit Westman
TVÅÄNDSSTICKNING by Kerstin Jönsson.

Z twist - Yarns
Mora Yarn - Wooly West

Twined Knitting Part 1 by Knitting in Color
Twined Knitting Part II by Knitting in Color
Twined Knitting History Part I by Knitting Kninja
Twined Knitting History Part II by Knitting Kninja
Twined Knitting by Theresa Vinson Stenersen
How to knit from the inner thread and outer thread without going mad

Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill
The Twined Mittens Pattern by Beth Brown-Reinsel
The Twined Socks: Zig-Zag and O's Pattern by Beth Brown-Reinsel

Other People's Blog Post
Knitting With Cats - Twined knitting
Little Dragon's Knitting Den - Twined knitting
Needle Exchange - Tvåändsstickning
Sepia Salax - Tvåändsstickning = Love
Loom Knitting - Tvåändsstickning
Goldfinches and Fiber - Tvåändsstickning
Rapport från kurs i tvåändsstickning 2006
Stick a Brin - Randiga vantar
Smatt och gott - Tvåändsstickning igen

I think my favorite part has to be the purl side of the knitting.


  1. Beautiful! And it looks like it should keep your hands really toasty. :)

  2. The details didn't show up in the photo you sent me via camera phone. It is so much prettier in this photo.

  3. Oh my--that is soooo elegant! The colors are just lovely and the texture is fabulous!

  4. This is incredible! I love the links and I love your mitten. This is going to be a great resource.

  5. That's so great that you stuck with it. I've got the book on two-end knitting, and since I saw it as one of your links, I've got a copy of Piecework. I love this technique, but have never actually tried it. The link to Anne-Majs Stickning with the amazing photos is really AMAZING! I'd like to have each and every piece they show. It's unbelievable to knit sweaters in this technique, and all are so beautiful! Thanks for all those links.

  6. Looks good that mitten, texture is very interesting. And thanks for sharing those links.