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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kitty: Japanese craft book - 4834764621

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon JP - 4529044440

彼に編んであげたい帽子&マフラー (プチブティックシリーズ 462) (大型本)
(Hats and scarves that you would like to knit for him.)
48 pages
Publisher: ブティック社 (2007/09)
ISBN-10: 4834764621
ISBN-13: 978-4834764628

It is always so hard to find hip accessories for your SO. M is probably one of the worst I have ever meet and he isn't gracious at all if he doesn't like the gift that he receives either. When I showed him this book on another site he actually said he liked some of the hats. So I immediately bought the book, of course now he is luke warm.

There are a lot of really cute male hats and some neat scarves as well.

content: scarves and scarves


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