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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

kitty: habu kit #110L

item #: KIT-110L Mohair Pullover
content: Silk & Mohair
Habu Tsumugi Silk Combination A-110 1/0.9 and
Habu Kid Mohair N-52 1/20

Woho... It is finally finished. I like the final product, but it certainly had its problem. This is the second version of the sweater and it is still aspects that are kind of awkward. I have to wonder if the pattern was test knit in a Large.

The sleeves were actually suppose to be 12 rows longer than they appear here. Also the length from the underarm to neck along the raglan was way to long. So I had to suddenly increase the decreases rather rapidly when I hit the shoulders or it would have probably hit my waist.

The sweater though is so amazingly airy and warm. I love the photo of the sleeve so you can see the snow and my hand.

But my final version certainly looks different from the standard pattern and the sample at the trunk show.


  1. Genuine gossamer gorgeousness!!!

    (That photo with the hand and the snow is incredible!)

  2. I love the sweater on you! I'm really impressed with the hand shot-it shows how delicate the sweater turned out.

  3. It's truly lovely. I can't imagine twelve extra rows on those sleeves unless they are supposed to be rolled up. :)

  4. Your sweater is beautiful!

  5. I love the sweater on you too! I'm knitting a cardi from one of Habu's new kits, size medium and found a couple of errors. They were easily corrected, but it was still annoying.

  6. Gorgeous!

    It's hard to believe that something so delicate can be warm.

  7. Silk/mohair... I've never seen it that delicate before! Absolutely gorgeous!