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Monday, April 28, 2008

kitty: Lily's in the Hidden Garden Socks

title: Lily's Hidden Garden
pattern: My own design
content:Louet Gems Pearl
needles: US 1
time: 20 hours

These have been done for awhile. I was actually thinking of writing up a pattern up for my Lily of the Valley socks, but alas time seems to be getting away from me. The concept is a hidden gated garden that when you peak behind the gates you see a flourish of Lily of the Valley's in a pot.

I have another of these socks on the needles right now for my friend Mia. I had hoped to have them done before MS&W, but that doesn't seem likely now. My hands are bothering me so knitting on 1's hasn't been a lot of fun.

The Gated Garden above
Lily of the Valley in the back


  1. I love them!!!! I am patient you know.

  2. Those are great! Any chance you'll be sharing the pattern?

  3. Hi Em...

    Hopefully when work dies down a bit I will go ahead and post the pattern. I am test knitting the pattern right now while knitting a second pair for a dear friend.

    So look for it latter I hope. :)