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Sunday, May 11, 2008

MG: little perfections

one of my very favorite parts of our Tokyo trip was the obento section of Tokyu Hands. we brought home kitchen gadgets that add no end of delight to our days.

sandwich cutter...

...for sandwich cutouts.

a parade...

...of puffy bites

it's easy to settle; to eat/wear/use/live the things that are easy or available or have always been; to fall into a life, unquestioningly, not even knowing i suffer a little with every meal, every shirt whose neck falls forward fifty times a day, every useless convention. we need such compromises with reality, and there is even beauty in that, that we can learn to love what we didn't ask for.

but then there is this elephant-shaped grilled cheese sandwich (grilled tomatoes and cornichons too). tool and meal both well made. uncompromisingly tasty for tongue, eyes, and heart. a meal that gave two 30-somethings a smiling and glowing sunday afternoon. and the realization that lives could be, should be, a string of such things, that we should look to their possibilities.

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  1. Made me smile too. I bought some jigsaw-piece shaped cookie cutters for D a year ago, and we've never made cookies. I now can't wait to make jigsaw-shaped sandwiches!

    Settling is good, sometimes. Just getting on with it; I have to remind myself to do that. And every now and then there are the tiny treasures along the way, which make it possible, and worthwhile.