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Saturday, June 14, 2008

MG: conductivity

think i'll head to the 2nd street market--to knit with knitters and contribute my blip to the knitting lights stringing up across the world today.

our block fell under power outage last night. lasted until 7 this morning. things i missed in the electrical dark:
  • reading blogs
  • ravelry
  • checking weather maps online or on TV to anticipate the next storm
  • adequate lighting for reading and lace knitting
  • watching dvds
  • fans and/or AC to keep cool enough to sleep
  • trusting the fridge to feed me tomorrow


  1. My husband bought me a headlamp and I use it a lot when the power goes out so that I can knit. An accident happened down the street from our new house about a week ago where someone hit the guide wires to the electrical pole and took our power out for about 5+ hours - it was horrible in the house without the ceiling fans running. I was also worried about the meat in my freezer!!

  2. Beautifil photos.

  3. That looks lovely. What is it? x