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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MG: skittles

i had the delight and fun of hanging out with Andrea again this year as part of my MDSW escapade. she gave me a crash course on drumcarding and set me to play on her Strauch Petite. i made two little batts and spun them up (instant gratification) in a matter of hours while she spun spun spun away on her new handspindle. happy, making, chatting hours in her cozy, kitty-patrolled fiber studio.

i always acquire new skills when we hang out. i got to see some wool-comb usage, which yielded a prep that was deeeliciously smooth to spin. and she had me braving the fleece world. there are two fleeces in this apartment right now... one of them is just a half fleece. beautiful things. the half fleece traveled home with me by plane. in the overhead compartment. a beautiful but smelly border leicester ram fleece. i wonder what my luggage neighbors thought.

dyed locks (lincoln and coopworth i think. is that right, Andrea?) in saturated, circus colors of red, blue, green, yellow along with undyed white were fed to the drumcarder to make two batts; each batt went through the carder three times. all the colors somehow worked together into a 46-gram, chameleon candy of a skein. i was surprised at how fun the drumcarder was; i always thought prepping fiber (even non-obligatorily) would be tedious, but it wasn't at all. thanks, Andrea. :)


  1. What an accomplished person you are. Your blog is lovely, too. You seem to be enjoying life. Good for you!

  2. Hee hee. My grandpa used to travel by train to work in London every day, and on Fridays on the way home he would treat himself to his favourite French cheese, which he said stunk to high heaven. He would carry it in his briefcase and would chuckle to himself as he always had lots of leg-room on the Friday evening journey home!

    Lovely yarn. I hope you continue to enjoy your souvenirs from a wonderful-sounding holiday