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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MG: growing

our apartment is an upper storey one without accompanying plots of dirt to play in. we do have sunny windows, so we brought home sweet pepper and cherry tomato seedlings from a local nursery and started some seeds of mesclun lettuce, herbs, and flowers. thusfar, 21 lettuce sprouts, one california poppy sprout, one herb sprout (identity as yet unknown), and plumping fruits of tomatoes and peppers. oh, and garlic. i pushed 3 cloves of garlic into a pot, and 2 of them have sprouted.

the tomatoes flowers opened and waited and fell from the stems head and all until i learned indoor tomatoes need human help with pollination, since there isn't much wind or many bees about. i started giving each flowering stem a little thump every morning, which worked like magic. within 2 days, flowers turned to fruit and only the dried petals dropped to the ground, leaving behind sepals with a tiny bud. it's satisfying to watch things plump and sprout and grow; i spend a good deal of time admiring them everyday.

little tomatoes

plumper 6 days later

sweet yellow peppers-to-be

never realized how beautiful pepper blossoms were


  1. And I never realised one could grow tomatoes and peppers indoors! What good news. And what an uplifting post

  2. Well bees help too with the pollination. Happy to see that you have had luck growing stuff indoors.

  3. Your pictures are lovely.