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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kitty: happy ridges

2 strands of lace weight Cashmere/ Merino from Colourmart
Needles 3.5mm

The other night my hands were itching for a new project, but I couldn't find the right gauge for any of the sweaters I wanted to knit. So I just sat down with a yarn I wanted to knit worked up a swatch, did my math, and started knitting from the bottom up. I am not sure I even have enough yarn to make a vest, but currently it is bringing me a lot of happiness.

The yarn still has machine oil and will bloom after washing.

On the Kusha Shawl Kit front

item #: Kusha Shawl (Kit 73)
content: Silk & Stainless Steel& Merino

I am finally after 8 months up to 82 inches, just another 1.5 cones of orange merino left.


  1. Both are lovely, but the Kusha shall looks particularly beautiful!

  2. I agree with Fleegle, the rust is particularly beautiful. Hang in there! I finally finished the green Habu scarf/shawl I was working on. I'm so sick of it that I haven't bound it off yet. Just ran out of yarn.