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Monday, August 11, 2008

MG: ace

these socks were finished a few weeks back during a string of hot summer days. still, hubby wore them to work--happy colors hiding under the cuffs of his work trousers--the very next day after their completion. he is a good handmade giftee like that. they are named after a hotel we loved in Seattle, where the blue yarn was purchased.

ace socks
yarn: Araucania Ranco, color 105 (orangish); Claudia Hand Painted fingering in deep blue. needle: 2.5mm addi lace circular, 32". size: 76 stitches around for a hubby with 25cm ankles.

notes: toe-ups with shortrow toes and heelflaps. provisional cast-on 38sts. 12 YO sets to shortrow down to 14sts; "longrow" back up. pickup provisional stitches to start knitting in the round (76sts). stocking stitch for 44rounds until sock reached bony bump on top of foot, changing colors as whim struck.

gussets:: 15 pairs of matched M1 increases on sides of foot; increases done every other row.

heel:: on sole stitches only (excluding gusset), shortrow until sock reaches length of foot (10 YO/wrap sets; down to 18sts). then work all sole stitches back and forth for heelflap, decreasing the shortrow YOs into the sole stitches as they are encountered. shape with a pair of matched decreases along the center of every right-side row; as well as working in one additional gusset stitch + leaving behind a wrap/YO to close gaps on each edge. this maintains overall stitch count in the heelflap.

leg:: once all gusset stitches are worked in (back to 76sts), start knitting in the round again. 30 stocking stitch rounds. 40 rounds of 2x2 ribbing. EZ sewn bind-off.

a white kitty likes them too...

...nice enough to sit on

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