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Saturday, August 16, 2008

MG: echo bluefaced leicester

i've been spinning and spinning and spinning... addictive fervor at the wheel. been inspired by the beautiful handspuns over at SourCherries, especially by these handspun socks. wanted some of my own. wanted color. i spun with the Olympics (stacking dreams upon dreams) for company when it was available, random sitcoms and dramas when not, even terrible ones. can't seem to spin in quiet.

fiber: handpainted bluefaced leicester top from Black Ethel Cash's Stash, color Echo. spun: over-the-fold longdraw; 2-ply; abusively washed with alternating hot and cold water and plenty of agitation. gauge: mostly 15-17 wpi; 105grams; 250-ish yards.

i hated this yarn when it first came off the wheel. the colors were beautiful, but the yardage was so short and the grist so inconsistent. i was angry with my own spinning. but the skein grew on me as i slowly sorted out my expectations. i'm still a young spinner, and really, i don't desire robotic perfection in my handspun. a day later, i can barely recall why i hated it so. i love the curvaceous coiling of the plies against each other and the shifting muted colors.

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