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Thursday, October 02, 2008

kitty: what's on the needles

Happy Fall afternoon, just wanted to say hello and post a little progress post about what is on the needle.
Pattern: Herrenpullover gestrickt aus Shetland de Luxe - Gedifra Moments 0203
It's coming along nicely....
The back and one sleeve are complete.

And none to soon. M actually put on a coat to go to a client's today. Maybe fall is actually here.

I really hope M will like the sweater and will wear it. My hands have tiny little blisters from where they yarn wraps around my fingers. (Sadly I am allergic to alpaca, so this is really a sweater for love.) I did have a good sign he actually was excited about it when I had it layed out in the great room floor to take the progress shot.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

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