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Sunday, November 09, 2008

kitty: M's new sweater

item #: Gedifra Moments 0203 - Herrenpullover gestrickt aus Shetland de Luxe
Gedifra Moments 0203
content: Wool, Mohair, Alpaca
Gedifra Shetland Deluxe

M's sweater has been done for a couple of weeks. The trick has been getting him to model it so I could take photos of him in it.

The sweater was right on gauge when I swatched, I blocked it to size, and during the processes of seaming it up it has grown quiet large. The only thing I can figure is that the pattern is essentially a variation of a ribbing and heavy weight.

I thought he looked pretty adorable in it even if it is way to big for him. Cross your fingers that he will wear it. :) He wore it all day so that is a good sign especially since he is sick. It was warm and comforting to him.


  1. It looks awesome on Mac, very stylish and warm!! Love all the color blocks, modern like!!

  2. Love it! Especially the assymetry on the side. Looks like a great fit too.

  3. What a great sweater! Have you considered felting it just a tiny bit maybe if he thinks it's too big? But there's something to be said about big comfy sweaters.

  4. Well he has at least worn it once. That was your main concern. Does he know the alternate name to the sweater? The back up owner will wear it. I think.

    And you forgot to mention that the alpaca made your hands hurt!