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Friday, December 19, 2008

kitty: colourmart yak ???

50%/50% baby yak / merino fing wt 3 cones
450g (1lb) yarn on 3 cones, 3/14NM, 2,300 yards

6st to an inch on 3.25mm (lightly blocked)

As normal I am on a quest for unusual fibers and all things soft. A couple of months ago Colourmart started listing a 50%/50% baby yak / merino on there ebay site. I was lucky enough to win the bid for around $30.00 and picked up the gray above. The yarn is absolutely amazing when it is washed. The molted shades of gray really pick up a unique textures. From a distance it appears as a rich charcoal but up close you can see the subtle tones above. When the yarn blooms it becomes a thick rich yarn with lots of body and a fine hallow of soft fibers. The yarn feel very warm when held but is fairly light weight and a slight drape.

The pre-washed yarn I will admit is pretty gross. It smells horrible and the oil that the yarn was treated with really irritates my hands. Thank goodness it doesn't represent the end product. Not as remarkable as Shokay, but a beautiful fiber at a good price.


  1. That does look lovely. Is the yarn soft?

  2. Hi Fleegle...

    It is soft (after it is washed), but when feeling it, softness isn't the first thing that comes to mind, more like a warm cat on your lap. I guess more than other fibers, yak to me feels like soft fur.

    The other two brands of Yak that I have tried have similar qualities. Shokay has an amazing hand and has the smoothness of almost tussah silk. I haven't knitted the Shaska Design yak and silk yarn that Mia picked me up at stitches. But I find myself just rubbing the hank that hasn't left my desk since it arrived.

    I sadly don't have enough experience with it, but the few swatches I have knitted the fiber strikes me as very stretchy.

    Kitty Kitty