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Friday, January 30, 2009

kitty: sit and spin

SIT AND SPIN! is out!!
Order here

Check out the youtube trailer

Art yarns have always fascinated me in there total lack control and imagination. The surprise of a little coil, loops, a hive, slub, thick and thin, or hidden objects plyed right in at random intervals. The imagination really runs wild with some of the art yarn spinners and I always sit in amazement. Every time I notice on Sage that Pluckyfluff or Insubordiknit have updated I always rush over.

How do they do that? What was there inspiration? How can I do that too? Wouldn't it be cool to have that hanging on the wall?

This video has answered a lot of those mystery questions for me and I couldn't be any more excited than I am right now. If you are curious about the video I would definitely say go and order don't stop and think twice. Just Do It! I haven't had such a wonderful afternoon in a long time.

Contains Instructions for: Beehives, Twist, Halos, Tiny Circles, Coils, and most important Foreign Objects

Instructional quality: Very well done, she takes plenty of time to show how the technique is done and repeats it several times for the viewer. I actually though I would be able to accomplish the techniques after watching it a few times. The music videos are also pretty hilarious.

I am not really sure how art yarns really fit into what I like to spin or what I like to knit. I do think they are pretty hard to use for day to day projects. I have really been trying to figure out a perfect project that I would actually use the yarn I have purchased and spun. We will see what happens. I am definitely going to be spinning tonight and watching the dvd again.

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  1. I bought some of the eyeball yarn, but have yet to figure out what to do with it besides laugh at it. Eyeball hat? Eyeball purse? Eyeball glasses holder? Still waiting for the perfect eyeball knit creation to hit my brain.