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Monday, April 06, 2009

kitty: update yarn a day challenge 2009

April 5 -

Medium Gray Corriedale Silver

Since I knew I would be getting back from DC late, I left this yarn on the bobbin. So I took it off the bobbin and set it before I went to bed. Not exactly spinning on the 5th, but yarn making.

April 4 -

Where there is a will there is a way. I have broken my spindle, so the only thing I had was a pencil and a paperclip. It worked. Just a bit of a challenge. I remember Andrea writing about being bored at work a long time ago so I knew it could be done.

Spun on a fruit pencil with a paperclip.
Hog Island Sheep Roving

Larger View: Photo 1

April 3

Dark Blue-Faced Leicester Top

1oz sampler

Larger View:
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3

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  1. Now I'm going to spend a lot of time wondering how the paper clip thing works...LOL!