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Friday, May 22, 2009

kitty: you never know where google might take you

So this post kind of started out with me looking to see if anyone had posted anymore information about Godey's Lady's Book on the net. I have been reading one of the old volumes on and off for the last month. I keep having good plans on setting down and scanning more of the crumpling pages to add to the Godey's Lady's Book section of the blog, but sadly time seems to always pass me buy.

I have good plans honest... But alas I have no time to breathe these days.

So here are a few of the gems I found about Godey's Lady's Books.

Godey's Lady's Book
Then my googling lead me to check my ongoing search for hard to find historical knitting books. A lot of these are in my personal collection, I am only missing a few, but I thought I would include the list that I normally go through on amazon to see what other people have bought. I am always in search of good books, particularly those about lace or forgotten techniques.
Historical Knitting Books


  1. What a great list! I lost a lot of books in a fire and this reminds me of them, and a few new to me. Thank You!