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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

MG: time to go...

knitting Regia Canyon Color

hi there, been a long while again...

early in april i suddenly decided i was ready and wanting to go back to school. the application process (GRE, facing old professors, facing my curriculum vitae, facing fears) then promptly gobbled up the next two months. now i await the yea or nay from an MS program nearby, a small decision on which the course of my future pivots.

with all this, i realized i was becoming less and less talkative about my knitting. and considering my already sparse contributions here, it's probably best to hang up my blogging hat after all...

i know it's time to go, but it's making me very sad today. i've had amazing fun in this space with Kitty Kitty, and i can't say enough about what knibuddies has given me. thank you all (including you, my knitbuddy) for the knitting fun, for your kindness, solidarity, and sympathies. most importantly, thank you for the daily reminder that strangers are warmer and kinder than i ever imagined.

Kitty Kitty will be staying; she has some exciting things planned here! i'll still be hanging out as her reader of course, so see you in the comments. many thanks and much love, MG.


  1. ............

    Those are tears of sadness, love, and emotions.

    Knitbuddies to me will always be the two of us. So hopefully you will still stop by and post. This will always be your home if you want it to be.

    Love, P

  2. Aw.. I definitely understand that there comes a point when its time to move on.. but you'll be missed none the less. Keep on knitting!

  3. oh, how bittersweet. Sad that you won't be blogging, but good that you'll be focusing on school and taking care of your future. Good luck, you can do it!!

    - Julie

  4. Promise you'll make a guest appearance from time to time. We'll miss you!

  5. So late to this as usual!

    I have been meaning to write considered replies to your beautiful comments and emails - and one of the most important things to say, 'Good luck!' with your application. I am extremely sad you won't be blogging any more, but overjoyed that you're moving back into the studysphere. I hope it all goes as well as can be and look forward to hearing about it in my inbox if not here ... assuming I actually write back to you :)

    Hugs xxxo