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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

kitty: Phildar - Pull #012-T8-489

Pattern:Phildar - Pull #012-T8-489
Fiber: Colourmart Tweed Silk

This has been done for a few days, but I hadn't had a chance to steam the collar out. Seaming the ribbed saddle shoulders to the lace front was a pretty miserable experience, but I finally got it done. I just need to find a shirt to wear under it now.

The Colourmart Tweed Silk reminds me a lot of Habu A-1. I really wonder if they are milled at the same place. The tweed silk was probably to soft in reality for this sweater, but the result is that the sweater weights next to nothing.

I am also really happy that I changed the Faggot Stitch in the body. All in all, I am so happy with the project.


  1. It's delicate and lovely! And I see you are still comparing everything to Habu :)

  2. It's beautiful. Perfect for a warm summer.

  3. WOW! i love it! simple and looking elegant.. How I wish Im good at knitting..


  4. I am startled by how many people responded already. I was flabbergasted at the yarn review practice. And now I am equally depressed at the game review news. Roy says I live in another world. Frankly, I like it better there :)