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Sunday, August 16, 2009

kitty: Beautiful Inspirations :: Flow by Vanessa Yap

Last year a very special book arrived in the mail from a dear friend. V sent me a copy of her very limited run book of photography called Flow. Flow highlights the beauty of both Habu yarns and her amazing photography within the beautiful pages of the cover. It has been setting on my side table of my desk ever sense it arrives. It is one of those books I flip through when I am stuck on a conference call or just need to relax. I doubt that she realizes how much joy her book has brought me over the past year.

Just a couple of weeks ago V, posted on her blog that she was going to make Flow available for purchase at blurb. You can preview the book here.

It really is a must have for the Habu Lovers out there. And on top of that, the proceeds from the book are going to her next secrete project that I truly cannot wait to see.

There have been a couple of reference out there to the book. You may have read about it in the Habu article in Holiday Vogue Knitting 2009. "SPOTLIGHT ON: HABU TEXTILES A fascinating glimpse at a company that specializes in unusual yarns for knitters and weavers." I was so happy for her when the article came out.

Published | January 1, 2008
Dimensions | Square 80 pgs

PS... I am also trying to get V to be a guest blogger and talk about her books sometime this week... So Stay tuned!


  1. The book looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. It does look beautiful! Guess you are really off the wagon, hmm?