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Monday, August 03, 2009

kitty: Children at Play Sock

Name: Children at Play Sock
Fibers: Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock (Dragon Berry & Sailor Take Warning)
Neighborhood Fiber Co. Cashmere (December Sock Club)
Needles: US1

MG always reminds me that I never post about projects that are really failures. So here goes a failure that you would probably never have heard about if it wasn't for her request.

Well, I really love this sock but bottom line it has a major flaw. I found out the hard way that when ever I try to do colourwork I have a tendency to do Tvåändsstickning / Twined Knitting / Two End Knitting. The end result is that there is no way in the world that this sock is going to go on a real foot. I barely got it on the blocker after soaking in water for an hour.

So sadly this will go to the single pile of socks that will never get finished. There is also no real way to rip yarn that has been Twined Knitted. So I have shared the charts that I came up with for the design below.

I am sure you will see paper dolls and silhouettes again in my designs. When I was studying fashion design faces were one of my favorite motifs. The works of Elsa Schiaparelli, Paul Poiret, and Erete always served at motivations. I always loved the depiction of a human face or parts of the body either as caricature or faithful depiction.

The jacket to the left is one of the most famous suits of Elsa Sciaparelli. Schiaparelli in a rare co creation with Jean Cocteau from 1937. The jacket is a natural linen and depicts a drawing done by Cocteau. The figure is of a reclining woman with gold beaded hair.

And of course Skeleton Motifs - Elsa Sciaparelli dress from 1935, far outdating the scandalous Mc Queen Skeleton designs of resent years.

Close up of the Children at Play Sock...
Two girls for every boy are around the top of the sock.
The boy and girl paper dolls is a a modified version of a chart in the 1950 edition of Odham’s Encyclopedia of Knitting.
My lovely twinned stitches on the back. I really do think they are beautiful and the nice thing is you will not snag your toe on the loops.
A dancing girl.
I know I have seen this girl somewhere in some book from some time period, but I just charted it from some random inspiration for the sock.
And of course children at play need a fun elephant on the heal flap, just for fun.

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  1. That's so sad--it's charming. And it looks beautifully knit/twined too. Sock puppet?