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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

kitty: of special note.... more references found about shifu

(images above are Copywritten Selvage Magazine Issue 22)

Remember the amazing paper issue of Selvedge magazine? (Selvedge magazine Issue 22) There was an article written by the gallery owner from Sri Threads about Paper fabric and yarn created by Hiroko Karuno. Much to my excitement she posted another article on her blog yesterday that included additional photos of Shifu. blog

You must go check out the post, the bowls of the finally cut paper and the photo looking out on the Japanese garden truly made me swoon. I am just so sad I didn't find out about the fact that Kiroko Karuno is doing a lecture on November 11 in Toronto at The Japanese Paper Place. It would be utterly amazing to see it in person... Since we all know I am obsessed with paper yarn. :)


  1. Halloween picture with a spindle eyeball? You have ben sniffing too much paper yarn, my dear :)

  2. oh cool! i definitely will look it..i'm actually drafting a post on washi :)

  3. Japanese Paper Place here! If you get in touch with us, we can put you on our workshop/talk mailing list (no obligation!). You can also just check our website at www.japanesepaperplace.com from time to time.

    Alison - washi@japanesepaperplace.com

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