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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

kitty: Two new books from Avril

Hardcover: 64 pages
Publisher: Lavigne (2009/11)
ISBN-10: 4904721063
ISBN-13: 978-4904721063
  Hardcover: 64 pages
Publisher: Lavigne (2009/12)
ISBN-10: 4904721659
ISBN-13: 978-4904721650

Contains: Scarf/caplet, hat, baby blanket, shorts, Bolero, Tank Dress, Purse, Hat, Tank Top, Let warmers, Fingerless gloves, Cape, & Pants

Mom and Child: Changing Blanket/Mom's neck warmer, Caplet for child or mom, Beret for mom and child, Skull cap for the family Tank for the family, Bow Tie / pompoms decorations, Hat, purse, & hat

  Contains: Baby Blanket, Tunic Dress, One PIece Dress with Bolero, T Shaped pullover, Stripe Pants, Knot Button Cardigan, Rib Pants, Baby Boots, Square Knitting Cap, Wide Border Pants, Checkered Vest, Patchwork Blanket, 2way Blanket,

Every 6 months or so it looks like Avril puts out a book using there yarns. This fall though it seems they have chosed to publish 2 children's books for Avril Yarns.

Torri Setsuk seems to have a great departure for the sleek subfusk designs that we have seen in the past. Here we have fairly bright coloured simple designs for children using rather bulky yarns.

I wonder if she is a new mom or a new grandmother?

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