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Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitty: Day 15 of Knitting Olympics

MG working away at her entry for the 2010 Knitting Olympics

2010 Knitting Olympics - Day 15

Well as a dear knitting friend wrote in a comment, it just isn't worth hurting myself over knitting this sweater. So on day 14 I put down the knitting needles and gave my wrist a break. If it gets done before the close great, but if it doesn't it will still be a cool sweater after the olympics as well.

MG came over and brought bento boxes for lunch and we had a little knitting party this afternoon.(Thanks MG) She is on track to finish her colourwork vest before closing ceremony. I am so proud of her, it is absolutely beautiful and so exciting. An entire colourwork sweater. :)



  1. I am flattered to be called a dear friend, and even more flattered that you took my advice. You'll get it done, an have wrists to use another day, too!

  2. I agree with Fleegle.. save your wrists! I've already called it a loss with my Olympic Liesl - it was making me crazy trying to 'win' a medal and I wasn't enjoying the knitting.

  3. 100% in agreement. I had to take a couple days off too because I thought I was going to wear the skin off the tips of my fingers from the yarn I was working with. In the end, I'm glad I took the break and I suspect you'll feel the same way too. Why stress? It's going to be a great sweater no mater what.