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Thursday, March 04, 2010

kitty: Mia's Christmas Scarf

Mia's Christmas Scarf

item #: Textured Shawl Recipe
Pattern: Orlane - Ravelry Link
Fiber: Plucky Knitter 55/45 Cashmere Silk 2ply
Colour: Upsy Daisy

So I am pretty late in getting this to Mia, but with all the nightmare weather and deadlines galore I can finally get to the PO today. So I thought it was safe to post photos of it. It isn't much of a surprise since Mia has known about her Christmas gift even before I left for London. So here are pictures of the finished scarf.

And obviously I love the concept of this textured shawl recipe since this is my third version of the shawl. Indigo Hand Spun - Textured Shawl - Habu Textile A-1B Kakishibu Tsumugi Silk


  1. I like it!! I want to wear it NOW!!!!!!

  2. It's beautiful! Lucky Mia! :o)

  3. Your version of this shawl is so fine and delicate and the colour is so gorgeous. Lovely shawl!