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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kitty: quest for washcloths for Mia

Pattern: Mia's Star Fish Washcloth
Fiber: Katia Lino 100%
Needle: US 2 - 2.75mm

Well you know there are times when you shouldn't block. This was once a washcloth, but after blocking it really began to look more like a doily. Oh well, thank goodness with water it will return to its once soft stage. It may not make the best washcloth so I have started another one for her out of an organic cotton.

I picked up the yarn during this years summer sale at Knitters Mercantil. Given how hot it has been I thought some more summer sweaters and tops are in order. So I picked up enough of this linen in white to make a tank top or a short sleeve sweater.

It is a bit splity, but there swatch that was knit up in the store was extremely soft. So I am excited to see how the top turns out.


  1. Pretty way to clean your face!

  2. Wow.. that's really gorgeous! I know what I'll be making all of the ladies in the family for christmas this year!

  3. Could you tell me what the pattern is that you used? I just went searching for it and realized that it might be something you created yourself.

  4. I love this pretty cloth, is it your pattern? Lovely.

  5. It is a mix of two patterns. I have a collection of old Godey's Lady's books that I have picked up at yard sales and used book stores so when ever I want frilly things I always check for patterns. So that is the base of the pattern, but during the time I was translating the pattern I checked out the new Volume 5 of the Vogue Stitch Dictionary series.

    And though I find the book a real joke for something that is suppose to be dedicated to "Lace" there is a chapter on Motifs and there is a Sea Star Motif on page 167. It was pretty much the exact motif that appeared in during the 1800's.

  6. Steamed Priscilla...mmm...maybe not...
    Trust me when I say the fairy tale is extremely fluffy!