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Friday, October 01, 2010

kitty: FO for the week... Razor Back Turtle Shawl

Name: Razor Back Turtle Shawl
Designer: Priscilla Meredith
Fibers: limited edition merino/bamboo by Madelintosh
Needles: 3mm

Razor Back Turtle Shawl was started around the time of the BP oil spill in the gulf. I was really moved by the photos and tragedy that we were seeing on the news each night. Hate to say it, I don't think we will know the impact of the spill for many years to come. I don't believe a word they are saying about the clean up and I certainly don't believe the seafood is safe to eat. But that rant is for another day.

The yarn I chose reminds me of the colour of the ocean. The subtle blue variations of the yarn really evoke water to me.

When I started working on the design I had the design goal of trying to solve a shawl problem a lot of Rubenesque girls face. If it is long enough to wrap in the front, it is going to be far to long in the back. And if it is the right length in the back, it is far to short to fold in the front. So I constructed a shawl that would expand faster than it would lengthen the point. The resulting edge ended up reminding me of a razor back turtle that we all saw on the news covered in oil.

So the shawl is dedicated to all the animals who tragically have lost there lives in the gulf due to incompetence of man.


  1. It's SO pretty! I'm immediately looked for it on Ravelry but, sadly, it's not there. Will you be offering a pattern?

  2. Gorgeous. I love the idea of making it get wider faster than a "normal" shawl because I'm short, but I like the idea of wrapping the ends around my neck. Very cool. Is a pattern in our future?