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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

kitty: Loop yarn shop Islington, London, UK

(Sorry the light was really bad in the photos there was a snow storm going on outside and it was already dark outside)
Loop yarn shop Islington, London, UK
15 Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1 8EA.

While I was in london last week I made my way to the Loop Yarn Shop in Islington. It turned out there new location was only about 1.3 miles from my favorite hotel. Which ended up being a god send since while I was there a snow storm hit, cabs basically stopped running, public transportation was not to be found. So I ended up having to walk back to my hotel. Thank goodness I stored the map on my cell phone so I could just follow my way home.

The yarn shop is just as cute as I had imagined and the staff was probably even nicer than imagined. The shop is in a walking strip behind the main road. So there is this darling little walking path and they are in the corner. The only negative I saw with the shop is the absolute smallest door I have ever tried to squeeze through. I was just glad I had lost some weight.

I did buy some treasures, but will have to post latter since some of them are omiyage that have yet to be given. All I can say if you get a chance to visit the shop run don't walk. And remember they are in the corner on the right if you get lost and if you hit Penhaligon's you have gone to far.


  1. OH how sweet! That place is definitely on my list of "must sees" for our anniversary trip. Granted, it's still two and a half years away but it's good to be prepared!

  2. oh this looks like am adorable little shop :) This reminds me for my childhood. The photo is good. Don't worry. Cheers :)