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Friday, February 25, 2011

kitty: Knitting question??? What is this stitched/technique called...

Knitting question??? What is this stitched called...

When you are purling back a row with yarn overs there are at least 2 different ways to purl those stitches.

1: Using the long back leg which creates a larger hole
2: Sliding the right hand needle over the left hand needle creating a twist in the yarn and a hole half the size

Any idea what these two different stitches are called?


  1. Nope. I just purl overs as normal stitches.

  2. the difference is purling through the back versus front loops, except "backwards" from usual depictions b/c your YOs are seated the eastern way.



  3. Well thank you! (fleegle takes a bow). I am still a bit shell-shocked from having acted so out of character. But maybe it's time for all of us to open our Big Mouths and stop the madness before we've relinqished all of our rights.