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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kitty: T'was black Friday.

yawn.............................. zzzzz..................... yawn.............. and I just woke from a long afternoon nap. All the house was silent except for the sounds of buttons being smashed. I have survived another black friday your see.

For this day started with a fright, buzzers and ringers howl through the air. The clock reads 5:30 could this be right. And out of my bed my husband did fly. He is already dressed for not being prepared would cost him precious time. He nudges me out of the warm blankets you see... It is time to head out for the call of Best Buy. I am promised warm coffee and donuts will be there, but my body claims who cares.

So I hooped out of bed and bundled up tight for I knew old man winter was lurking his might. And we drove with a dash to the store with the yellow sign. He gathered his loot, but the line was to long. So he put it all back and we ran for the car.

Off to Comp USA to see what was on sale, so we ran across town to only be fooled there was nothing good for the 6 hour sale.

So we headed to Media Play, and what would you know. 2 games for $30 for all 19.99 games, here he goes. Oh to see the joy in his face as his patience was rewarded with all the money saved. A sale finally worth standing in line for you see. He gathered all his loot and hoarded it to the car.

Then to my surprise he offered me breakfast out. My favorite meal to eat in restaurant you see, so a mighty fine bribe indeed. Could it be eggs and mushrooms, oh what a delight.

Then we headed out again this time to Polaris Mall to see what they had, and to my surprise my sweet husband tricked me into shopping for myself. Ah, what a surprise and what a shock. He bought me a new outfit and complimented me to boot. What a sweety I thought, maybe the alarm was not all for nothing. :)

So after my long black friday nap, I started on my winter stole. I will post more tomorrow with pictures I promise. But maybe another long winter nap for me now.

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