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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

meow: dreaming...

i've been sick. it's unpleasant, and i haven't knitted much. my "strawberry cream & chocolate ruffle" scarf is about 25 inches long at the moment--no photos, because that would be boring. instead, i have this for you:

Sockmonkey (i didn't make him. he is just a friend) has been seen snuggling some Elann Peruvian Highland Wool. 8 balls of the oregano he is hugging are impatiently waiting to become a warm garment. i had made the purchase for a double-breasted, hooded, walk-in-the-woods capelet i was dreaming up, but i've decided this yarn doesn't make me feel like wood nymph. rather, my stead-fast, earthy oregano balls are dreaming of becoming a sweater.

i've never knitted a sweater before. i'm nervous, and that compels me to choose my pattern very very very carefully. after searching through countless possibilities, i still don't know what kind of sweater my oregano will be--though my fingers are itching, my yarn impatient, and visions of knitting a sweater are dancing in my head. but how do you choose your very first sweater? i suppose just pick something i like and knit away! hmm.... let me think about that perfect sweater some more. meanwhile, Sockmonkey continues to enjoy his cuddle time... meow


  1. I love your knitting! (I found your blog with the "next blog" gizmo.) I've only been knitting for a few months but I am sososo excited for when I'll be able to do fun projects like yours!

  2. hi A,

    yay for the "next blog" gizmo!

    thanks so much for your kind comment. you were the very first to comment on knitbuddies and really sent us into a state of giddiness.

    knit on, and i'm sure you'll be doing your fun projects in no time.