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Monday, November 22, 2004

kitty: Scarf projects

A couple of weeks ago meow.meow sent me a link to two knitting blogs (pinku and fluffa). Though I read other type of blogs daily this the knitting blog world was new to me. Those two sites inspired me to pick up my knitting needles and knit again. But oh crap, I had always used my mom's needles and gotten yarn from my aunts shop. I didn't really realize at the time how lucky and how good I had had it. My mom would cast on for me, bind off, oh and sew my projects together. Though I have knitted quiet a few sweaters and projects over the years I have never done those steps. MOMMY........................................... :(

Ok, so I sat out to find online instructions and quick time to help me learn to cast on and bind off. Not sure what I am going to do when I start my sweater project.

hmmmmmmmmm.. ring. ring. ring. "Hi Mom....I have a huge favor to ask you. If I send you sweater pieces, and return postage for the garment could you please sew it together. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I guess I better not do that, but the thought does cross the mind. She really is a very talented person and crafter who never gives herself the credit she deserves. So here is my first knitting project in 10 years or so. A scarf out of Colinette's Enigma in colour Raphael. I added another thin rayon yarn to it to add depth to the colour way. Not sure what the other yarn was since I bought it in a sale basket for $2.00. (Thre real reason was that I knit the scarf once and ran out of yarn.So I must convince myself that it added colour depth.)

I had so much left over of the thin rayon cone I started another scarf. I wanted to practice a lacy stitch and make a dressy jacket scarf. There were some issues, the yarn is very slick so when doing the lacy stitch it was very easy for it to fall off the needles and not be noticed for several rows. So this scarf has been frogged more times than I would like to discuss. There are still problems now that I hold it up to a white wall,but I want to be done with it.

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  1. I love this lacy scarf (the second one). What stitch pattern is it?