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Monday, November 22, 2004

meow: another scarf

i started a scarf for myself with two balls of Peruvian Collection Highland Wool from Elann ($2.25 each! my poor student's budget is grateful). the colors are chocolate truffle & dusty pink; every time my hubby sees it, he gets hungry for this:

Meiji Apollo Chocolate, cute little strawberry chocolate candy from Japan. yum.

my scarf IS candy-like :), in a Mad-Hatter-tea-party fashion. it begs to be called "strawberry cream and chocolate ruffle," i think. i was longing for a skinny necklace scarf with stripes. then, inspired by Ruffles (Amanda Blair Brown) in the Scarf Style book, i decided to edge my stripe-y scarf with some short-row ruffles of my own. they have caused me quite a bit of angst; i must have frogged and restarted no less than five times. still not sure about that ruffle, but i'm now having a good time with the random stripes. it's delightful to change colors as fancy strikes.

i covet more Peruvian Highland Wool! daffodil, silver birch, lotus blossom, oh my... meow

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