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Saturday, November 20, 2004

meow.meow says...

hello! my very first post on knitbuddies!!! our very own knitblog!!!

thought i would begin at the beginning and start with why i am here (really, it's because i'm neurotic and need reasons other than my narcissism as justification)...

first, there is my wonderful knitbuddy, AKA Kitty Kitty. despite the thousands of miles between us, Kitty Kitty and i endlessly peruse patterns, devour knitblogs, and drool over delicious yarns together. we nurture each other's desires to knit, to dream, to create. i like to think knitbuddies is a tangible manifestation of that bond.

also, the knitblog world has inspired us. we found knitters sharing techniques, creativity, and beautiful FOs, but more importantly, we witnessed the gentle humanity of those who could be called strangers. the interconnectedness of it all imprinted upon me, and i wish to partake.

ok, knitting content tomorrow...meow

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