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Friday, December 10, 2004

kitty: bleck, you were right

ok.... i hate to admit it but meow was correct. i transferred my stole to the circular needles last night and i went from 9 inches to 14inches in an evening. a major advancement from the only 4 rows a night due to the weight and hand aches. i must admit the circulars helped. though i am not convinced on the texture of the clover bamboo. it may not be the best texture for the mohair since it sticks to the cord connectors. bleck, you were right.

so meow, i have more links for you.how to make yarn from plastic bags, cleow's plastic knitted bag , wol & zo yarn and more has been making plastic bags , plastic bag tote . I still think Ms. Recycle needs the ultimate french market bag out of plastic. i have been looking for good plastic bags for you, but none so far. maybe santa will have better luck with nice colour bags.

i also just finished my pinky flower swap flower. i will post pictures once i have sent it out. i picked up some candy to send along with it today, since it was for a pinku swap. one must include candy for the swap as well.

my husband and i just bought each other our christmas gifts this afternoon, new cell phones. <happy dance> or should i say we bought new toys, since my husband will soon be able to watch cnn from his cell phone. the thing i am most excited by is the 1 megapixel camera. as people around me know i am always taking photos of people, and avoiding the camera myself. i would be super excited about our new phones if i wasn't so sad how behind the united states is in cell phone technology. this is the phone i really want second link 132mm * 45mm*13 mm and with lime green or orange buttons. heck i would like the orange karaoke phone 320x240 res screen, can do karaoke both by itself as well as output wireless via bluetooth/802.11 to speakers. the lyrics will run through your lcd. this is the #1 holiday most popular cell phone in japan with high school girls. BUT alas as one of the vp of a japanese cell phone company told us, Americans just don't like gadgets. who ever did that study was on drugs. i now need to knit a little cell phone cover, maybe an animal covers from stitch bitch nation. (43 over) oh honey... maybe i need a video watch for christmas, too.


  1. Hmm, I can't help but trying to picture walking into a resturant full of people doing karaoke with their cellphone, it would be very scary.

  2. But it would be so cool..... walking into a resturant where people were singing along to Ignited by T.M.Revolution, Kimi Ni Aitakute by Gackt, Hello Goodbye by Yuki, Zard, or Carols by Ayumi Hamasaki. Face it, you would so join in with them. Boom..... Clap.... Boom Boom... Clap (M-Flow) would so be your karoke favorite. On your little orange phone