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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

MeowGirl: name change

well, a bit of a change. Kitty Kitty and i both have feline friends in our respective households. mine taught me kitty noises, so i'm known to meow at kittykind (also, sometimes, just sometimes, at peoplekind). hence "meow.meow."

however, my hubby asked for the nth time the other day: which one are you? meow.meow or Kitty Kitty? i guess he has a point. we are not exactly exploiting contrast for mnemonic ease, are we? so, i am now known as MeowGirl. i like the sound of that.

Kitty Kitty's story about knit-chatting with a stranger is heartening. what is it about knitting that binds us?

strawberry cream and chocolate ruffle is almost done!! actually, i finished but didn't like the ending ruffle. frogging occurred... um, more than once. i will try again (and again), then wash, then block. next time you see it, it'll be happily hugging my neck.

oh! i found remedy for my selvedge issues. it nagged at me incessantly as the scarf progressed, so i googled and found this page. it has cleaner edge options with an illustration of the results. i tried the open edge (slip first and last stitch on knit side), but that left me funny wobbles on the final knit stitch side.

during my google session, i also read about many knitters (and their grandmothers) who always slip the first stitch of every row. i tried that--tah-dah, neater selvedges, nagging stopped. then (troubled only a little by the fact some of my stitches were technically missing rows), i zoomed along on my scarf.

yes, this means the edges on strawberry cream and chocolate ruffle are inconsistent. the proper thing would have been to rip and restart for all-around nice edges. i didn't. i had already changed colors 26 times. see? my perfectionism has its boundaries.

and what's this?

it's the beginnings of a sweater! a homegrown sweater! my oregano sweater! that ribby cuff you see is a sleeve (the left one), since calculations for those are complete.

i've been having fun with math, and it looks something like this (working with centimeters for better resolution):

math makes MeowGirl powerful! in a single bound (over the stretch of weeks and days), projects are conquered with calculations, geometry, and graphing paper! this Knitty article was comfort to me.

all measurements have transformed into stitch and row numbers, though i'm still tweaking increases/decreases in the body as those will not be evenly distributed. also, the collar and fancy button thingy are to be charted.

and i've been working on my pinku flower swap project, progress photos and all, but nothing for you until my flower is with Takeyah in Japan... meow


  1. peace MeowGirl...I like the blog...the design, the color and of course, the content. I have been considering doing a group blog, but I haven't figured o ut a theme or which person(s) I want to do it with...peace and blessings..

  2. Thunderbird will read ATOM feed.

  3. Queen Takeyah, thank you.

    i like the group blog format. Kitty Kitty and i can compensate for each other's lulls, provide different points of view, and thread conversation in the posts.

    we've added the link to our Atom feed. it's at the bottom of the right sidebar.