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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

kitty: holiday w/knit buddies

So I mentioned on the Holiday post that there was lots of knitting in knit buddies style going on. So enquiring might be wondering what we were working on. Oh, we can not forget the most important thing we were enjoying the official knit buddies candy, Shreck M&M's. Well at least for this holiday season. I had found a bag at Best Buy and I was waiting to share them with Meowgirl. Such lovely coloured M&M's.

Since Meowgirl had frogged her sweater and left it in CA her little fingers were itching for a new project. So she went through my stash bag to see what she could find to just knit something. She found three balls of Cleo Egyptian Plymouth Cotton that I had originally bought to make a hat sweater about 12 years ago. So she cast on the ruffle scarf from Scarf Style. I secretly think this was a ploy to get me started on the project. Since she knew that after knitting 13 inches I wasn't going to let her frog it. I HATE TO FROG AND SEE PEOPLE FROGGING.

Why I think this was a ploy she knew I really wanted this scarf. I was terrified of the short rows and was afraid that it would look poopie. So at about 13 inches she taught me how to do short rows. I was shocked really how easy they were to do. After a few rows I mastered the technique, though I still have not accomplished knitting backwards. I have to turn it to purl unfortunately. At this point the possibilities of it being fogged were non-existent. So this has become our first joint knit buddies project. Meowgirl taught me a new technique and we each knitted different section. The scarf now measures about 55 inches.

The scarf makes me really happy, our first project together. Next Christmas we will have to do a scarf for Meowgirl to continue this tradition of holiday projects.

We also started another new tradition going to yarn stores together. Though really we should schedule more than 30 minutes to check out a shop.

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