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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Kitty: Christmas Opera Length Gloves

So the gloves are complete. I finished them up on Christmas night while waiting for the laundry to be finished. It was funny all the rest of the house was sound asleep and I was setting knitting away waiting for the machine to finish so I could catch it before it woke everyone up. When it finally rang I realized that all I had left to do was bind one more thumbhole. Obviously I decided that I had to finish even though the sun was coming up. So these are my Christmas Fingerless Opera Gloves. When I finally woke up I proudly picked my gloves up and tossed them to Meowgirl who had been up for hours and watching Buffy. In a since of accomplishment that I was done. We giggled about it afterwards that I didn't bother speaking just tossed my gloves to her.

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