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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

kitty: knitting update

Well for better or worse my Pinku Flower got sent out yesterday. I could have worked on new designs for another month but I realized that I needed to get it in the mail if there was any prayer of it getting to OK before Christmas. Hopefully my swap partner won't see this post before it arrives tomorrow. I also sent out a flower pin to my mom and I got to hand deliver one to MeowGirl last night at the airport. Yeah she is in Ohio.(happy dance) I think this was flower design number 8. The first one were pretty homely, but I really didn't want to do a silk ribbon flower. Throughout the project I knew that was my default if I couldn't get a knitted flower to turn out. I ended up really happy with the design, but maybe I should have done a silk ribbon flower since I am much better at that media than the knitting.

Now I can finally work on other knitting projects. Here is my swatch for the fingerless gloves. I have been experimenting with both tiny circulars and 4 inch double point needles. The problem that I have been running into is that with the metal needles I am splitting the yarn a lot with the tiny needles. Not really sure what the solution is to this problem to be honest. I do like the texture of the addi better than the bamboo circulars. I would try doing it on inox circulars to see if I still ran into the problem, but I have yet to find them that small.

The black stole is coming along. It measures 15.5 inches now. So I am soon going to be faced with the decision of how wide do I want it to be. My original thoughts were 18, but somehow it seems short. From other patterns I have been reading they seem to be measuring anywhere from 18 -28inches.

Tonight is the big knitting class, I can not wait to see what we learn.

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