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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

MeowGirl: to Kitty Kitty

the Knitbuddies library is an excellent idea. i'm impressed with the number of books and reviews Kitty Kitty has up already. i must follow her lead and contribute some information.

about Kitty Kitty's adventure with circular needles: circulars make me happiest, but i wasn't trying to convert Kitty Kitty! i like trying new tools, techniques, and styles, but i also feel free to do as i like, regardless of conventional wisdom. so, i wouldn't think of pushing anything on anyone else. however, Kitty Kitty was knitting 275 stitches on straights!!

Kitty Kitty, your hands cried and complained; that's why i encouraged you to get a pair of circulars (even though i know you hate the thought of them) for your stole. i'm glad you switched because ergonomically sound knitting is good.

some sort of recycled plastic market bag is definitely on my list. Kitty Kitty is such a good knitbuddy for finding me all those links. thanks! no need to worry about getting plastic bags, though. recycling is meant for the mess of all would-be-trash on hand, and i have a mixed batch of grocery and veggie bags saved for reuse or recycling. mmm... saturday morning farmer's market trips with eggs, oyster mushrooms, and greens in my own knitted recycled bag... delicious thoughts.

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