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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kitty: To Frog or Not

To Frog or not to Frog... That is the question .

1) The first half of the glove fits well and shapes nicely around my wrist. Version 2 even had the new shaping for the thumb works a lot better.
2) It feels really wonderful and I am very happy with the texture and colour. To do over again I would have used finer yarn for this project.


3) The increases look dorky when spread out over the arm.
4) It is to big over the forearm
5) It bells at the cast off
6) The increases are not as smooth as I would have liked
7) Oh, Did I mention it looks dorky....

The result...... Well I frogged it again so glove 3 hopefully will be the charm. I mean Kattie didn't even like it she turned her back on it.

So the knitting front isn't going well. I really need to finish these gloves since it is suppose to be -5 F on Christmas day here and I am in need of gloves.

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