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Monday, December 20, 2004

MeowGirl: brrrr & wanna knit

it's single-digit weather in ohio today; Kitty Kitty's weatherpixie says it is three degrees fahrenheit at the moment.

my berkeley wardrobe is a bit lacking in warmth, so i'm craving to knit all sorts of woolly things. i'd like to make a ribbed watchcap for my hubby out of superwash wool, a kittyville hat for myself, super-long arm warmers, and super-long leg warmers.

also, Kitty Kitty very sweetly gave me the Winter issue of Phildar Tendances and some New Zealand wool. i would love a cozy Phildar cardigan to hold me in this cold. hopefully, knitting for some of these projects will be in progress next time i post.

what are you knitting for your weather?

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