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Friday, January 14, 2005

Kitty: Rain Rain go away come again in Feb

Is that actually sun light I see outside. Oh wait sunlight anda 40 degree drop in temperature from yesterday, go figure we can not haveboth. The only thing that I can say is my lawn is probably greener than Ihave ever seen it in January. It is pretty scary how high the water is aroundColumbus right now. The Delaware Ohio Dam was opened for the first time in45 years and OSU has sandbagged the river banks to keep the theatre and residenttowers from flooding. Cross your fingers no more rain!

So I was finally able to take some better photos today of the scarf and gloves that don't have a gray cast to them. See ruffles in all its glory to the right. My husband now has proclaimed it feels and looks like a sea cucumber he wants to eat. Also Check out more glove photos on the project page.

So what's on the needles you might be wondering, since I haven'ttalked about any new UF lately. Well here is a secrete project that I am workingon and some new yarn I just purchased on sale. Fixation cotton and spandexyarn by Cascade Yarns. Two little stretch skeins of yarn wrapped in plastic. Oh, and don't forget to check out those blue 8 inch needles replacing the need for double points. Thank you again Marr Haven Wool Farm.

Hopefully it will be half way done by next week. <crossing fingers> I have frogged now twice so hopefully it will get better.

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