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Monday, January 31, 2005

Kitty: Spring Patterns

Spring Fashion Reports


Fashion Telegraph - UK

London Fashion Week

Fashion Telegraph - Paris Round up There analysis for spring 2005:

"Inspirations: Edwardian, Victorian, gipsies, nautical (Master and Commander), red carpet, water-nymphs, ballet, Ossie Clark-Biba, lingerie, Greece, Romania.

Textures: lace, cotton voile, chiffon, organza, lamé, patchwork, silkjersey, decorated denim, satin, stripes, patchwork, crochet.

Colours: navy, black, white, cream, peach, lemon, pink, aqua, gold, silver.

Trends: petticoats, layers, flounced and tiered skirts, peasant blouses, military/naval jackets, frock-coats, boleros, blouson effects, swallow-tail coats/jackets, flared trousers, head-scarves, shorts with high heels, big sleeves, bell-skirts, knot-tie-drape effects.

Accessories: patchworked monogram bags, socks, ties, wedge-shoes, ankle-boots, pearls, scarves."

Calgary Herald - Canada

Looking for a Spring project:

Rowan Knitting Magazine No. 37

Gedifra's Highlights51.

Bouton d'Or

The one we all want to know about, Phildar, Pitchounn°423 - Printemps - 2005 , enfants n° 424 6 - 16 ans - printemps 2005, Tendances 2005, The other 2 are out on the 15th and wonder which one will be translated into English this season.

PS. Can you tell I am tired of the grey sky outside yet today.

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