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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kitty: Tube Socks

Socks, what do they say. "Putting on handmade socks is like eating a fresh baked cookie." Well, my husband wouldn't know about it since for some reason he hasn't put them on yet. Oh well, he can be excentric. For example he only wanted tube socks. Not a nice healed sock, not a funky fun colour sock, not a wool sock, but a cotton white tube socks. Woho, the socks are done. Sock Mania has begun.

One of the local stores actually had a Godey's Lady's book pattern from the late 1800's for a tube sock that they recommend to all there tube sock customers. There are some problems with the pattern for modern men I fear. The patternis essentially:

Cast on 66 (72) stitches, knit in 3*3 ribbing for 8.5 inches then switch to straight knit for 8 inches or longer if you want a longer body.

Then first decrease row, K2 tog 5 times, then K around next row

3: K2 to K4 repeating all around, then K around next row 5: K2 together K3 repeat all around, then K around next row

7: K2 together K2 repeal all around, then K around next row

9: K2 together K2 repeat all around, then K around next row

11: K2 together repeal all around, cut yarn and run it through the stitches and pull closed

My gauge was 7 stitches and 10 rows = 1 inch on Japanese 6 which is like a 5.5US

Well the problem is that the cuff isn't tight enough and looks kind of like one of those 80's crunch sock when you are done. If I were to do it again, I would reduce the cuff to probably 54 and knit it in 2*2 ribbing. Then increase for the sock to 66 stitches. It does fit really nicely on a size 8 medium width male foot.

Well I have bought some puzzle yarn from Elann to make socks for myself. I need some home made cookie socks. Since I don't really wear socks, I figured these will be my house socks for those rare occasions when my feat are freezing in sub zero weather. The colours are not really me, they are actually really bright for me, but for house socks I wanted something funny.

Godey's Lady's Book Pattern references: UVM Collections , History Rochester Edu , Hope Greenberg University of Vermont , Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture from The University of VA


  1. "Putting on handmade socks is like eating a fresh baked cookie."

    Great analogy!

    Cited in knitting analogy & metaphor

  2. what kind of yarn do you use and what size needles? and what kind of needles? dpns or straight?

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