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Sunday, January 23, 2005

MeowGirl: stories of hats

it's been quiet here this week, hasn't it? i've been busy like a bee, buzz... buzz... another semester has begun where i will attempt to press my nose to the grindstone. however, i now liven things up with chatter of my hat-knitting angst...

my sweet, little, yellow baby hat is about 1/2 inch from seaming. i'm anxious. it is cotton, therefore not as elastically forgiving. what if it doesn't fit? oh, and i wish i had knitted it in the round, but my toolbox did not include a circular of such small size. i was too lazy to wield DPNs for the duration of the entire hat.

Kitty Kitty has been pestering/brainwashing/encouraging me to knit a Kittyville hat. she went as far as presenting me with some gorgeous mottled green Manos del Uraguay for the project (such a sneaky yet sweet knitbuddy). i've completed the main section of the hat and earflaps and icords. the kitty ears on top are all that is left. i'm afraid i've made the hat too small; either that, or my head is shaped funny.

a third hat is on my needles--a watchcap for hubby. it's currently three inches long with color changes, i.e. cut yarn. i'm not sure i like the stripes i've completed. i fight the urge to start over, and oh, i think this one may be too big.

during all this knitting anxiety, i continue to dream... like joining this knit-along for sock newbies, or modifying the Interweave Flower Basket Shawl for a housecoat... mew

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